The Computer-Assisted Exercise "Blockade 2020"

Tuesday, 15.9.2020 | Training
This week, the members of the 5th Military Police Battalion are carrying out a computer-assisted exercise "Blockade 2020" at the Simulation Training Centre.

The exercise, in which members of the Air Force and Air Defence, the Red Cross of Serbia and the International Committee of the Red Cross also participate, provides an opportunity for the 5th Military Police Battalion HQ to practice planning, organizing and carrying out a blockade and destruction of a sabotage group in a simulated environment.

Today, the exercise participants were visited by the Minister of Defence, Aleksandar Vulin, who pointed out that the Serbian Armed Forces use modern technologies in order to prepare their members to perform their tasks in the best possible way.

— A soldier can apply in war only what he has learnt in peace. The Serbian Armed Forces use all capacities, especially the latest technologies in order to prepare their members to perform the most complex and complicated tasks. The Serbian Armed Forces are preparing, organizing themselves, practicing, and every skill and ability that they adopt and master is very important for strengthening our combat readiness. The Serbian Armed Forces will always be in the first place, train their members, and by procuring new software and new equipment, we will be even closer to other, great armies of the world — said Minister Vulin. 

Computer-assisted exercises are an important form of practical training of commands and units of the Serbian Armed Forces. By conducting exercises in the simulated environment of the Simulation Training Centre, units of the Serbian Armed Forces gain experience in performing exercises in a modern way, in a realistic environment which contributes to the improvement of training of commands and units.

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