Special Brigade Commemorates St. Sava's Day – its Patron Saint's Day

Monday, 27.1.2020 | Culture and traditions
Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin and Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces General Milan Mojsilović have attended today the celebration of the Serbian Armed Forces Special Brigade’s patron saint’s day — Saint Sava’s Day, at ‘Rastko Nemanjić’ barracks in Pančevo.
Minister Vulin and General Mojsilović attended the ceremony and the unveiling and consecration of the monument to Saint Sava in the barracks bearing the secular name of the greatest Serbian enlightener.
Speaking about the importance of the teachings of St Sava, as well as about everything that St. Sava left us as legacy, Brigadier General Miroslav Talijan, PhD, Commander of the Special Brigade, pointed out that St. Sava is a symbol and spiritual leader of our nation, especially students and soldiers.
— Inspired by the teachings of St. Sava, our Special Brigade has grown into an elite unit of the Serbian Armed Forces, a force that is almost unrivalled among the most modern special forces in the world. This is evidenced by its painstaking and honourable war path, traced by its heroic and war brigades, to this exceptionally difficult time, during which it completed all the tasks assigned. During the difficult historical period for our state and the army, particularly during the NATO aggression, members of our heroic war brigades, 72nd special brigade, its “Falcons” and other combat units, as well as 63rd heroic brigade, showed high professional qualities and exemplary human virtues. It would not have been possible if there were no remarkable professional, commanding and senior staff, who, being aware of their place and role in the unit, without saving themselves and their lives, making maximum efforts and renunciation over all the past years, created a collective that is able to perform the most difficult tasks — General Talijan emphasised, congratulating the patron saint’s day to all members of the brigade.
He added that the monument to Saint Sava, the celestial patron saint of the brigade members, that was unveiled and consecrated today, obliges the brigade to strengthen, operate and develop in the spirit of the teachings of St Sava.
On the occasion of the patron saint’s day of the Special Brigade, General Talijan presented to Minister Vulin the plaque of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade and combat knife as a token of sincere gratitude for his assistance to the brigade and the care for its members.
General Talijan presented the plaque of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade and combat knife also to General Mojsilović, and the plaque was also presented to SAJ commander Police Colonel Spasoje Vulević for the previous cooperation.
Members of the Special Brigade commemorated the Patron Saint’s Day of the brigade — St. Sava’s Day with the liturgy and cutting of the ceremonial bread, in the presence of the commander of the Special Brigade, General Talijan, and by laying a wreath in the memorial room of the brigade.

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