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Celebrations on the occasion of Serbian Armed Forces Day in the cities of Serbia

Monday, 23.4.2018 | Culture and traditions

In the presence of numerous citizens, in Kruševac, Zaječar, Pančevo, Novi Sad, Kraljevo and Niš, today, military ceremonies were organized on the occasion of the Serbian Armed Forces Day.

In the central Novi Sad Square of Liberty, in front of a large number of citizens, a ceremony was held, attended by commanders of the First Army Brigade and the River Fleet, Brigadier General Željko Petrović and the Commander (Navy) Andrija Andrić, along with members of the Provincial Government headed by Vice President Đorđe Milićević, Mayor of Novi Sad Miloš Vučević, Bishop of Bačka Irinej and numerous guests from the social, religious, cultural and political life of the Province and the City.
- Being a soldier for us means to be responsible for the ancestors and obliged to the offspring. With a glorious history behind us and a clear vision for the future, and proud of our results, relying on wealth in people, we readily wait for the next tasks - General Petrović said in his address.
Miloš Vučević also addressed the audience congratulating them on the holiday.
- You are our strength and our peaceful sleep, you are the most important pillar of stability in our country. Your devoted work and the results you have achieved in recent years in all segments of the defence make every citizen feel safe, and Serbia to be more stable, respectable and recognised in the world.
During the ceremony the cadets of the Military Academy, followed by applause from citizens, flawlessly performed the drill, followed by a parade of echelons of members of the First Brigade, River Flotilla and 240 AD battalion led by Colonel Dragan Bojić Deputy Commander of the River Flotilla.
At the Square of Liberty, First Brigade and River Flotilla presented to the gathered observers a part of the arms and military equipment at the disposal of a pontoon, tank, mechanized, artillery, engineering, reconnaissance and AD units and divers.
The second part of the ceremony was carried out on the Danube, where numerous observers watched the parade and the display of a part of the vessels, river multifunctional, patrol and landing ships and groups of inflatable boats from the composition the River Flotilla, decorated with flags for dressing, with traditional manning the rail shouting “Hurray!” that provoked applause of the present observers.  It was for the first time, that ships were sailing under the new names of Novi Sad, Titel, Apatin, Bečej, Belegiš, Taraš, Kolubara, Morava and Timok. The parade was commanded by Commander Romeo Grbović, commander of the First River Detachment.
After the programme, observers had organised division of beans made in field cuisines according to the famous recipe of military chefs.

The celebration was also held in Niš, where, at the memorial complex Bubanj, the Serbian Armed Forces Day was marked. The ceremony was attended by Mayor of Niš Darko Bulatović, retired generals from the branch of the Club of Generals and Admirals in Niš, mayors, representatives of the Ministry of Interior, Serbian Orthodox Church, the Association of Military Pensioners, the organization of reserve military officers, veterans and descendants of liberation wars, directors and representatives of the state and private companies, primary schools, and numerous citizens of Niš.
In addition to the formal line-up of the units deployed in Niš garrison, a tactical-technical display which attracted great interest of the citizens was also organised.
Commander of the Third Army Brigade, Colonel Predrag Grbić, recalling the Second Serbian Uprising, said that members of the Armed Forces will continue to successfully accomplish all the set tasks and be a guarantor of peace and security of all citizens of Serbia.
The ceremony was completed by demo jump of the members of the 63th Parachute Battalion. The flag of the Republic of Serbia was carried by Sergeant Major Janićijević Miroljub, the flag of the Serbian Armed Forces was carried by Sergeant Cvetković Dejan, the flag of the 63rd Parachute Battalion was carried by Master Sergeant Mitić Siniša, while the flag of the City of Niš was carried by Master Sergeant Svetozarević Milan.
In Pančevo, at the Square of Liberty and plateau in front of the City Administration, the Day of the Serbian Armed Forces was marked in the presence of numerous officials, representatives of local self-government, business operators, members of families of the killed members of the 72nd Special Brigade, as well as a large number of citizens.
The ceremonial line-up of the units of the Special Brigade and the 11th Infantry Battalion of the First Brigade opened today's ceremony.
Commander of the Special Brigade Brigadier General Zoran Veličković congratulated members of the Serbian Armed Forces on their holiday. On behalf of the local authorities, the deputy mayor of Pančevo, Predrag Živković, and Head of the South Banat District, Danijela Lončar, addressed the officers and soldiers as well as the citizens.
The present citizens were able to get acquainted with the most modern weapons and military equipment that were shown at the tactical-technical display, after which a ceremonial parade of the motorized sub-echelon was performed.
Members of the Command for Development of the Rasina Brigade, the Logistics Training Centre and CBRN Centre from the composition of the Training Command and members of the 246th CBRN Battalion from the composition of the Army organised a ceremony at the Kosovo Heroes Square in Kruševac.
In addition to members of the Serbian Armed Forces from the Kruševac garrison, the ceremony was attended by the Chief of Staff of the Training Command, Brigadier General Dejan Janković, representatives of local self-government bodies, business and cultural societies, the Serbian Orthodox Church, numerous guests and officials, families of fallen members of the Serbian Armed Forces, children from a home for children without parental care “Jefimija” from Kruševac.
The citizens of Kruševac and its surroundings had the opportunity to attend the parade of units from the Kruševac garrison and to visit the tactical-technical display that was organized for this occasion.
On the occasion of the Serbian Armed Forces Day, in cooperation with the School Administration, the Cultural Centre and elementary schools in Kruševac, a competition was organized for pupils of elementary schools, in literary and artistic works on the topic “Letter to a Soldier” and “Soldier of SAF - my soldier”. For the first three awarded works in both categories, diplomas and appropriate awards were presented at the ceremony.
On the Popova beach in Zaječar, a military ceremony was held in the presence of Assistant Commander of the Training Command for the Support, Colonel Slaven Bošković, Mayor of Zaječar Boško Ničić, Bishop Ilarion of Timok, representatives of the Ministry of Interior, veteran organizations, public institutions and numerous citizens of Zaječar.
Numerous citizens of Zaječar and guests had the opportunity to watch parade of the units stationed in the Zaječar garrison, an appropriate cultural and artistic programme, and to enjoy observing military weapons and equipment that were displayed on Popova beach.
Mayor of Zaječar, Boško Ničić, congratulated on the Serbian Armed Forces Day, with the desire for further progress and development of the military, and pointed out that great interest among the citizens clearly indicates the great respect that the military as an institution enjoys among the people.
Earlier today, the delegation of the Zaječar garrison HQ, representatives of the city of Zaječar, the veterans' organizations and members of the families of the dead soldiers laid flowers and wreaths at the Monument to the fallen fighters of the Timok region on the Liberation Square in Zaječar.
On the Serbian Warriors Square in Kraljevo today, celebration of the Serbian Armed Forces Day was organized in cooperation with the local self-government of Kraljevo. The present guests and the citizens of Kraljevo were addressed by Commander of the Second Army Brigade, Colonel Željko Kuzmanović and Mayor of Kraljevo, Predrag Terzić. 

Numerous citizens of Kraljevo could see the units of the Serbian Armed Forces located in the Kraljevo garrison, tactical-technical display of weapons, equipment and materiel, at the disposal of the units an apropriate cultural and artistic programme.

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