Touring the Armoured Vehicle Lazar 3 Training

Thursday, 25.7.2019 | Training

Today, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin, accompanied by Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces General Milan Mojsilović and the Army Commander Lieutenant General Milosav Simović, attended the training of the members of the 41st Infantry Battalion of the Fourth Army Brigade on fighting armoured vehicle Lazar 3, which is being conducted in the area of the “South” Base near Bujanovac.

Minister Vulin: The Serbian Armed Forces Will Order more Lazar 3 Vehicles

- After many decades, the Serbian Armed Forces has got new infantry fighting vehicles and our long-term orientation is to protect the entire infantry in the best way possible. Like all other serious and modern militaries, we as well have to pay attention to the protection our infantrymen - Minister Vulin stated.

Minister Vulin pointed out that, in keeping with the policy of President of the Republic of Serbia and Supreme Commander of Serbian Armed Forces Aleksandar Vučić, the Serbian Armed Forces was primarily equipped and armed by domestically produced systems, since, as he says “only something that we produce on our own and the technology that we master on our own can we deem to be truly ours”.

- We are capable of provide appropriate technology, and owing to austerity policy pursued by President Vučić, today we have got money to ensure new acquisition of Lazar among other. We expect in the year to come, and in this year as well to initiate new acquisitions by Serbian defence industry, to purchase more Lazar vehicles for out units so that our armed forces could say that they go shoulder to shoulder, in that segment as well, with all modern armed forces of the world - Minister Vulin sent a message.

Also, he points out that the fighting armoured vehicle Lazar 3 by its characteristics meets the highest world standards.

- Lazar vehicles have been fielded, and this is a great motive for our Serbian defence industry to offer them now with much more arguments. By their technical characteristics they fully meet the highest world standards, and they can match the Patriot or any other renowned armoured fighting infantry vehicle being highly competitive in terms of their price. This is our intelligence, our knowledge and I am confident that they will be a good export business deal - said Minister Vulin.

Deputy Commander of the 41st Infantry Battalion of the Fourth Army Brigade Major Aleksandar Grujić highlighted that the members of the Army infantry units were extremely pleased that the armoured fighting vehicle Lazar 3 was finally fielded to the infantry units, which, according to him, possesses excellent manoeuvring characteristics.

- We are very pleased that apart from good fire support that it can deliver, the vehicle can protect the personnel against 12.7mm calibre ammunition from the front and 7.65mm calibre from the sides - Major Grujić explained.

The wheeled armoured fighting vehicle Lazar 3 possesses 8x8 drive formula and it is produced in conformity with all the criteria of leading vehicles of this type. It encompasses very modern approach to armoured protection, mobility, fire power and capability for long lasting combat in conflicts of diverse intensity, antiterrorist fight, anti-guerrilla fighting, peace-keeping operations and classic conflicts as well.

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