Visiting Army Reconnaissance Units

Tuesday, 24.9.2019 | Training

Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin, accompanied by the Army Commander Lieutenant General Milosav Simović, visited today members of Army reconnaissance units undergoing training in the surroundings of Kovilj.

On that occasion he confirmed that members of the Serbian Armed Forces were daily trained and prepared to execute all their assigned tasks.

— All members of the Serbian Armed Forces have to undergo rather rigorous training, particularly our special units such as the scouts. They have new equipment, and somewhat better financial status than the rest of the armed forces, since their tasks and obligations exceed what the rest of the military do. All members of our armed forces are constantly trained, and the Serbian Armed Forces conduct some training every day and carry out programmes that prepare the members to perform their tasks — the minister of defence said.
He reconfirmed that the Serbian Armed Forces were the guarantor of peace, independence and our way of life, and our right to be free.
— In the period to come, the Serbian Armed Forces will invest even more in the training, increase the number of days spent in training, and provide new, the state-of-the-art equipment and better material conditions for the members, but most of all, they will always provide peace and security for all citizens of the Republic of Serbia — Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin concluded.
Lieutenant Colonel Nenad Bulatović from the Army Command, informed the minister of defence about the progress made by the reconnaissance units and achieved level of their training in special summer conditions, which is being conducted from 16th to 25th September. According to him, the training includes members of reconnaissance units of the Serbian Armed Forces who previously did not have an opportunity to undergo the training or who underwent it just once.
During today’s visit, the minister Vulin was familiarised at several working points with segment of scouts’ training, primarily the manner of crossing water obstacles by organic or makeshift means, engagement of scouts from an ambush in the enemy rear, and ways to prepare diverse food in nature.
Wilderness nutrition is an integral part of training, during which the scouts are trained to used flora and fauna potential of the nature as primary source of nourishment.

Second Lieutenant Igor Đorđević from the Fourth Army Brigade, points out that his task was to train soldiers in envisaged skills together with his experienced superiors, and he states that the training is very interesting.
— That can be seen on the faces of young soldiers who are extremely motivated and who obviously love their job.

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