Finished Competition of Reconnaissance Units

Saturday, 28.9.2019 | Training
The fourth competition of the Army Reconnaissance Units held in the region of Kovilj, was completed by presentation of a travelling cup and diplomas to the most successful individuals and teams.
The first and the second place went to reconnaissance squad of the 3rd Army Brigade, while the third place was taken by one of the 2nd Army Brigade teams.
This two-day sports competition of eight teams, organised by the Army Command with the 1st Army Brigade, was a test of competence, stamina, precision, agility and resourcefulness of reconnaissance units’ members.
The best scouts competed near Kovilj and at the shooting range “Aerodrom” near Sombor in conditions of poor visibility, incessant rain and strong downpours, which combined with demanding tasks, requires supreme psycho-physical readiness.
At this year’s competition, the seven-member reconnaissance teams overcame given obstacles on some 20 kilometres long track, and the competitors overcame skill track, water obstacle on assault boats, wire obstacle and contaminated terrain, pulled out wounded soldiers and “damaged vehicles”, solved orienteering tasks, made fire places and traps and solved other numerous tasks.

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