Exercise “Serbian Shield” Finished

Thursday, 26.9.2019 | Training

The three-day exercise “Serbian Shield 15” (“Srpski štit 15“), conducted by an Infantry company of 3 Brigade of the Land Forces for participation in the multinational operation “UNIFIL”, was completed today at the “South” Base and at the “Borovac” training grounds.

The purpose of the exercise, led by Deputy Commander of the Third Brigade of the Land Forces, Colonel Dragan Antić, is to verify the readiness of units to participate in the United Nations Multinational Operation UNIFIL in the Republic of Lebanon.

During the exercise and in the course of the preparation for deployment to the multinational operation, the Infantry company worked in the conditions they would encounter during deployment and in the multinational environment in Lebanon, and the situations in the exercise were fully adapted to those they can expect in the field.

Over the course of the three days, the organization of work at the base, patrolling, activities at a permanent checkpoint and observation station, control of mass gatherings, procedures in case of encountering mines or explosive obstacles, attack on the patrol, attack on the base and other activities were practiced.

Today’s exercise was also attended by Lt. Col. Juan Alberto Chios, Commander of the Spanish Battalion within the Multinational Brigade in the Sector East, under whose command our company in the UNIFIL mission area will be performing its tasks.

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