Second International Military Drivers Competition Closed

Thursday, 12.9.2019 | Training

Members of the Serbian Armed Forces are the winners of the Second International Military Drivers Competition both in individual and team competition, among nine teams, which was closed today with the proclamation of the winners, in the barracks “Ribnica” in Kraljevo.

Minister Vulin: Armed forces from all over the world appreciate and respect the Serbian Armed Forces

In the team competition, the first place was won by the team of Serbian Armed Forces, the second was taken by the team of Russian Federation, and this year, the third place was taken by the team from Italy. Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin conferred recognitions to teams’ representatives at the official closing ceremony held in the barracks “Ribnica”.

In individual competition, the three first places were all taken by the drivers of the Serbian Armed Forces – Corporal Slobodan Milašinović climbed the winners pedestal, the second was Corporal Danijel Dobrić, and the third was Private First Class Radovan Vukašinović. The best received medals and recognitions from Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces Major General Petar Cvetković.

Congratulating the military drivers on the achieved success, Minister Vulin underlined that the Serbian Armed Forces took every opportunity to carry out training, to share its experiences, and to learn from other armed forces.

– We were good hosts and armed forces from the entire world could witness that the Serbian Armed Forces can measure up to every of the greatest armed forces of the world. I am satisfied with our results; it is always nice when you win, but more and most important is that we have demonstrated our competence, our readiness and that we have showed that the Serbian Armed Forces are a factor of peace, that you can cooperate with them and that the people from all over the world come here because they appreciate and respect Serbian Armed Forces and because there is something that they can learn from the Serbian Armed Forces – Minister Vulin underscored today at the closing ceremony of the Second International Military Drivers Competition.

 The minister of defence highlighted that the Serbian Armed Forces would procure a significant number of new vehicles in the period to come.

– We will do all to catch up with all those that are ahead of us in terms of technology, and that our members have new lorries, new terrain vehicles, and new infantry fighting vehicles to daily execute their activities. That is in front of us in the upcoming period, and it is in line with orders of the Supreme Commander requiring that every soldier of the Serbian Armed Forces must have the best equipment, the best conditions and the best assets – Minister Vulin concluded.

Nine teams and eighteen competitors coming from Serbia, Russian Federation, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary participated at this year’s competition, and during the three-day competition, the drivers demonstrated their knowledge and skills required for this responsible and important duty in every armed forces.
Speaking about the second in a row International Military Drivers Competition and the success of the team of the Serbian Armed Forces, Commander of Training Battalion of Transportation Service and National Representative of the Serbian Armed Forces at the Competition, Lieutenant Colonel Goran Dobrić, underscored that he was satisfied with the held competition.

– Just like the last year, the Second International Military Drivers Competition took place in the barracks “Ribnica” and on the training area “Beranovac” in Kraljevo, and it consisted of four events of solving a test, shooting from air rifle, driving on asphalt driving range and driving on terrain driving range. The team of the Serbian Armed Forces consisted of members of all their units – Lieutenant Colonel Dobrić emphasised.

According to him, the aim of the competition is not solely to test their skills in operating motor vehicles, but for the drivers of all participating countries to exchange experience and socialise.

The second place in team competition was taken by team from Russia, and Sergeant Major Maxim Evdokimov from the Armed Forces of Russian Federation participated in the finished drivers’ competition from which he brings positive impressions.

– The Russian team has won the second place in the team competition. I liked the track very much and it was really interesting. We also had some difficulties, but we did our best to overcome them and we have managed as a team to take the second place – Evdokimov stressed.

Sergeant Major Alessandro Selta was among the participants from Italian team who underscored that he was in Serbia for the first time as a competitor at that competition.

– We are glad for having participated in this competition. It is a new experience for us and we hope that we will be invited in the following period to such competitions – Sergeant Major Selta stressed adding that he hoped that such competition would be organised in Italy as well.

Today’s ceremony in the barracks “Ribnica” in Kraljevo was attended by Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces Petar Cvetković, Head of Logistics Department Colonel Srđan Petković, Head of Division for Movement and Transport of Logistics Department in the General Staff Colonel Željko Ranković, representatives of military diplomatic corps and institutions of the town of Kraljevo.

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