Flight Training with “Eagle” Planes

Wednesday, 13.9.2023 | Training
At “Morava” Airport and in a wider area of Kraljevo, members of the 98th Air Force Brigade are conducting regular flight training with “Eagle” planes.

The training activity is aimed at sustaining skills and a high level of competence of the flight crew, and, at the same time, preparing for the upcoming firing at ground targets.

In this period, standard tactics, techniques and procedures are being practiced, with the focus on flight missions executed at night and in restricted visibility. Along with flight training, technical personnel of all specialties necessary to maintain proper functioning and high availability of aircraft for flying are also undergoing training.

The “Eagle” aircraft, military designation J-22, is a fighter-bomber and is part of the 241st Fighter-Bomber Squadron of the 98th Air Force Brigade. It is intended for aerial support of the land forces and special force units during combat operations, and it accomplishes its tasks primarily by engaging ground targets.

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