Specialist Training of Soldiers on Military Service

Monday, 1.8.2022 | Training
Soldiers performing their military service as of June 2022 are currently receiving their specialist training in the Army Training Centre at “General Pavle Jurišić Šturm” Barracks in Požarevac.

In this centre, soldiers are trained in different specialties of the infantry, artillery, armored units and engineer branches.

During the six-week training conducted at training grounds and barracks, then in the field conditions outside the peacetime disposition, they acquire knowledge and skills in using personal and collective weapons and mine-explosive ordnance, practicing offensive and defensive tactical actions and procedures.

After completing successfully their training in the Army Training Centre, in line with their specialties, soldiers will be trained in using mortars, artillery systems “Nora” and “Oganj”, M-84 tanks and Infantry Fighting Vehicles M-80A in combat.

They will continue their military service in SAF units to undergo their branch-specific collective training, involved in performing daily assignments together with professional members.

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