Future NCOs Attend Internships in Serbian Armed Forces’ Units

Wednesday, 2.8.2023 | Training
Participants in the 21st Basic NCO Course, who began their training in early March this year, are on internship for initial officers’ duties in the units of the Serbian Armed Forces.

Internship is the final module of this training, during which professional soldiers - future NCOs have the opportunity to perform the role of commander for the first time and to test the acquired knowledge in practice. Previously, during the first two modules, they have been trained to perform individual and specialized training and command the squad while executing general tactical tasks.

Under the supervision of first sergeants, sergeants major and superior commanders, the participants are now gaining their first experience in performing basic NCO duties and are becoming familiar with the tasks, responsibilities and working organization of the squad in practice, so that they can fully respond to the tasks awaiting them in their first working positions after joining the ranks of SAF officers.

Before being referred to this level of training, professional soldiers have gone through the selection process in their units and successfully completed the Leadership Course. Those who master all the modules of the Basic NCO Course will be promoted to the rank of sergeant and assigned to appropriate duties in SAF units.

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