Soldiers’ Training in River Flotilla Units

Tuesday, 17.8.2021 | Training
In navigable units of River Flotilla the second part of the training of soldiers, doing voluntary military service, the generation „June 2021“  is underway.

The soldiers boarded on multipurpose river ships are being trained for posts of ship artillery and signal officers, and the focus is practical training in sailing, where ship operating schedule is checked at each station according to the given tactical suppositon.

Training for soldiers-sailors in Riverine units is conducted in both periods of training, so they spend three quarters of their overall training time boarded on vessels of riverine sections. All crew members are engaged in their training , since for ship war efficiency, it is crucial that all crew are well trained for performing individual or group tasks.

The soldiers of the generation „June 2021“ are very motivated and interested in training, and many will become professional members of the Riverine SAF units after their training is completed.

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