International Tactical CIMIC Course Completed

Friday, 28.4.2023 | Training
An international tactical CIMIC course, organized by the SAF General Staff, has been completed today with a certificate awarding ceremony at “South” Base near Bujanovac.

Participants of the course were SAF’s and EUCOM’s officers and NCOs –specialists in CIMIC affairs; aim of the course was to provide them with additional training to perform functional duties in peacekeeping operations.

During the eight-day course at “South” Base and “Borovac” Training Ground, the participants advanced their knowledge of CIMIC organizations’ activities in peacekeeping AOs, completing also their practical training for occupying different positions as part of CIMIC units and teams. 

Training was delivered by a combined SAF-EUCOM Instructors Team, as well as visiting lecturers from the Serbian MOI Sector for Emergency Management. 

Conducting jointly this training activity means continuing a successful CIMIC cooperation between Serbian Armed Forces and U.S. Armed Forces. The aim of the course was reached in its entirety, that is, the participants were trained to carry out special missions in an international environment.

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