Serbian Armed Forces Continue to Help Citizens

Thursday, 30.11.2023 | CIMIC
Members of the Serbian Armed Forces are still in the field today and, together with competent services, are working tirelessly to normalize life in the municipalities where heavy snowfall caused traffic jams and problems in electricity supply.

The Army engineer units, Air Force and Air Defense helicopters and 63rd Parachute Brigade’s paratroopers are engaged in the tasks.

The 4th Army Brigade’s task force is engaged in clearing local roads in the municipality of Bujanovac, while the 3rd Brigade’s engineers are carrying out the same tasks in the municipality of Babušnica. 

In order to make possible for reliable transmission of electricity in the municipality of Sjenica, the 2nd Army Brigade’s engineering task force is removing trees and vegetation on the power grid from the village of Gonje to Jadovnik.

Also involved in providing assistance are Air Force and Air Defense helicopters, which have delivered the first contingent of food today for the cattle on Suva Planina, which is currently only possible by air due to high snow drifts. 65 hay bales of 25 kilograms each were thrown at three locations on this mountain.

By order of the Supreme Commander and President of the Republic, the Serbian Armed Forces have put part of their forces and resources in the state of readiness in a timely manner to eliminate the consequences of snowfall and were among the first ones to come to help distressed population. The Serbian Armed Forces’ units are in contact with competent services and remain ready for further engagement in all parts of the country.

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