Training on "Neva" Air Defence Missile Systems

Friday, 18.2.2022 | Training
At the deployment locations of the division of the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade armed with "Neva" missile systems, regular training is being conducted for combat use of this means.

Intensive training in missile divisions is conducted throughout the year with the aim of maintaining and improving the ability to control and protect airspace, and all members of these units go through the training process, from combat services of the "Neva" system to technical personnel from missile-technical batteries.

In accordance with the purpose of the units, services are trained for combat work on missile-technical means and basic technical maintenance, and special attention is paid to tactics of missile system use, so marching tactical actions, fire position occupation and execution of engaging targets in the air are practiced.

Technical personnel of missile-technical batteries is also actively involved in the training, which has a key role in the maintenance of missiles and their preparation for combat use. 

"Neva" air defence missile system is intended for the destruction of targets in the airspace at low and medium altitudes and the destruction of targets on land and water that can be observed by radar.

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