Intensive Training of Declared Military Police Units

Tuesday, 11.8.2020 | Training
At the „Jug“ base and the „Borovac“ training ground, an intensive period of training of the declared military police platoon from the Fifth Military Police Battalion is underway, which train to reach the required level of operational capabilities for participation in multinational operations under the NATO „ Operational Capabilities Concept“ program.

It is training during which members of the MP platoon are applying tactics, techniques, and procedures, which achieve interoperability of forces from different countries and enable successful execution of tasks in multinational operations.

During this part of the training, members of the MP platoon practice the realization of complex tactical tasks that can be expected in multinational operations, such as providing control of mass gatherings, establishing checkpoints, patrolling, blockades, and field searches.

So far, members of the military police platoon, within the period of intensive training, have carried out preparatory shootings from personal and collective weapons, as well as the contents of individual training, all in preparation for checking the training and readiness that awaits them in the coming period.

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