Arrangement of Riverbed of Kosanica in Municipality of Kuršumlija

Thursday, 27.7.2023 | CIMIC
This week, members of the Serbian Armed Forces from the 3rd Army Brigade have been implementing, in coordination with the local government, a CIMIC project on the arrangement of the Kosanica riverbed in the Municipality of Kuršumlija.

The activity is carried out as part of the SAF professional members’ training; the goal is to increase the permeability of the riverbed through the implementation of engineering works, thus preventing the possibility of the river overflowing and flooding the surrounding area.

Earlier this month, members of the Serbian Armed Forces performed similar work on the Toplica riverbed, also in the Municipality of Kuršumlija, where, as they are doing now, they removed swollen vegetation, soil deposits, and other deposited material from the riverbed. 

Engaging in such projects is an opportunity for members of the Serbian Armed Forces’ engineer units to test their skills in practice and further improve their ability to handle modern engineer machines used for road arrangement, overcoming obstacles, blocking, and camouflage.

The Serbian Armed Forces implement CIMIC projects in all parts of the country, with the aim of strengthening confidence and understanding with local communities and making possible a better life for people, and protecting material goods, thus showing that they are always at the service of the citizens, not only when it comes to defending the country, but also when it is necessary to help the most vulnerable.

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