"Cyber Tesla 2021" Command and Staff Exercise Successfully Completed

Thursday, 9.12.2021 | International Co-operation
The four-day International Command and Staff Exercise "Cyber Tesla 2021" ended today with the final display in the barracks "Vojvoda Radomir Putnik" in Gornji Milanovac, which, apart from Serbia, took place in detached locations in the United States and Hungary.

Goals of the exercise, the topic of which was the defence of the telecommunications information system from cyberspace threats, were the building of military capacities of the defence system and the National Centre for Risk Prevention in ICT systems of the Republic of Serbia for defence against high-tech attacks, as well as the improvement of cooperation with the relevant state and private sector in order to protect the information space of the Republic of Serbia.

The implementation of this significant activity improves the capacity to respond to incidents in cyberspace and coordination of bodies and institutions in charge of information security, facilitates exchange of experience in the field of information security and promotes bilateral military cooperation of the Serbian Armed Forces with the armed forces of the participating countries.

"Cyber Tesla" Exercise has been performed since 2016 within the Serbia and Ohio State Partnership Program in the field of cyberspace protection. Representatives of the private and public sector and the academic community in the Republic of Serbia in the field of information security also participated in the exercise, and this year, for the first time, members of the Hungarian Armed Forces also took part, making the exercise trilateral.

The final segment of the exercise today was attended by the Deputy Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, Lieutenant General Petar Cvetković, Ohio Air National Guard Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Rebecca O'Connor and Chief of the Hungarian Cyber Operations Centre, Colonel Karol Kasai.

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