Exchange of Experience in Field of Flight Safety

Friday, 26.4.2024 | International Co-operation
A delegation of the Ohio Air National Guard is paying an official visit to SAF Air Force and Air Defense for the purpose of exchanging experience in the field of flight safety during aerial operations.

This activity is being implemented within the State Partnership Program between Serbia and Ohio, and it represents a continuation of the long-standing successful cooperation between Serbian Air Force and Ohio Air National Guard.

The discussion during expert talks conducted this week covered the key issues important for effective risk assessment and management during aerial operations at the tactical and operational levels.

The central topics have been the prevention of threats to flight safety and the implementation of measures for a comprehensive, objective and systematic examination of each security threat in order to discover the causes and take appropriate corrective measures.

The importance of this activity is reflected in the contribution it makes to improving further the capabilities and interoperability of the armed forces and developing the overall military-to-military relations between the Republic of Serbia and the United States of America.

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