SAF Members Trained on Training and Battlefield Simulators

Tuesday, 25.1.2022 | Training
At the "South" base near Bujanovac, intensive training of SAF members for the conducting tasks in securing the administrative line with Kosovo and Metohija and controlling the Ground Safety Zone is underway.

The training is held on the battlefield simulator, medical simulators and modern simulators for shooting from infantry weapons at the Multinational Operations Training Centre. In this way, with minimal expenses, high quality training of soldiers and officers for the executing firing and tactical tasks in a real environment is provided.

Simulation training is part of the comprehensive preparations and training of members of the Serbian Armed Forces for engagement in the Ground Safety Zone, primarily on the prevention of illegal crossings, fighting extremist groups and organized crime.

The ongoing training of SAF members maintains and improves combat readiness for efficient execution of tasks along the administrative line with Kosovo and Metohija, conducted in cooperation with other security agencies of the Republic of Serbia and KFOR, in order to ensure a peaceful and safe environment for all citizens in this part of Serbia.

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