Serbian Armed Forces Assisting Citizens in Eliminating Consequences of Heavy Snowfall

Sunday, 26.11.2023 | CIMIC
By order of Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces and President of the Republic Aleksandar Vučić and according to the guidelines received from Minister of Defense Miloš Vučević, some of the forces and assets of the Serbian Armed Forces have been put on standby to support civil authorities in the municipalities hit by heavy snowfall.

Accordingly, members of the Serbian Armed Forces have been engaged in the work of all emergency HQs that coordinate activities to provide assistance to citizens in affected municipalities, primarily in the areas of Babušnica, Ivanjica, Nova Varoš, Svrljig, Sjenica, Vranje and Vranjska Banja.

At the request of emergency HQs, a task force with an engineering machine of the 3rd Army Brigade has already been sent to Babušnica, while assistance with motor vehicles has been sent to Svrljig.

As usual, the Serbian Armed Forces will be on the ground, monitor the situation and, upon request from crisis HQs and by order of the SAF Supreme Commander, engage all available capabilities wherever necessary in order to provide all needed assistance to distressed population.

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