First Parachute Jumps of Soldiers on Military Service

Friday, 11.2.2022 | Training
Soldiers of the "September 2021" generation who serve in the 63rd Parachute Brigade successfully performed their first jump within the final part of the basic parachute training.

In this elite unit of the Serbian Armed Forces, they are trained as soldiers of parachute specialties for conducting collective tasks in accordance with the purpose of the brigade.

In order to reach the final phase of parachute training, the soldiers successfully mastered the contents of basic individual training in the units of the Training Command and then, in the 63rd Parachute Brigade, tactical, fire and ground part of parachute training. During that time, they acquired basic military knowledge, learned to handle personal weapons and equipment, and mastered the techniques of parachuting.

Soldiers of parachute specialty perform parachute jumps in day and night conditions during military service, with weapons and additional cargo. The jumps are conducted from the An-2 plane, with the use of modern parachutes that have been in use in the unit since 2018. 

In the spirit of the tradition of the unit, the commander of the 63rd Parachute Brigade, Brigadier General Nenad Zonić, jumped with young soldiers, thus providing them with support at this important moment for each paratrooper and recognition for their hard work and commitment in training.

With successful parachute jumps and basic parachute training, soldiers get the title "parachutist", and thus the opportunity to become professional members of this elite unit of the Serbian Armed Forces, and everyone from this generation has already expressed interest for that.

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