Training of Military Police Personnel for Security Protection

Monday, 14.2.2022 | Training
Regular training is conducted for executing collective tasks for which these units are intended in the battalions of the Army military police.

In order to preserve and improve operational capabilities, intensive training in military police units is carried out throughout the year, and in this period the focus is on training their members for security protection. 

During the training, in accordance with the given suppositions, tactics, techniques and procedures are practiced during the attack of terrorist groups on a convoy of vehicles, and the ability of military police officers to respond effectively to a given threat and successfully evacuate protected persons to a safe location is evaluated. In addition to adopting the principles and tactics of security protection, special attention is paid to teamwork and synchronized actions of all unit members, since the successful implementation of these demanding tasks depends on it.

Military police units are intended for the implementation of a wide range of military police and general security affairs in the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, in the areas of their territorial jurisdiction. Regular training of their members, which is diverse and demanding and is performed in all conditions, ensures physical fitness and mental stability, as well as the ability of military police personnel to successfully overcome the most difficult situations.

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