Arrangement of Facilities for Flood Protection in the Municipality of Žitorađa

Thursday, 15.6.2023 | CIMIC
This week, members of the Serbian Armed Forces, in cooperation with the local government in Žitorađa, have been carrying out engineering works on the arrangement of water structures for protection against floods and torrents in the territory of that municipality.

The activity is implemented through engineer training of members of the Serbian Armed Forces under the civil-military cooperation project, and the goal is to remove swollen vegetation, deposits of soil and other deposited material to increase the permeability of drainage canals and thus reduce the risk of flooding.

For clearing the canals, the engineering working group of the Army uses modern mechanization the units of the Serbian Armed Forces have been equipped with in recent years, and together with them, the work is carried out by the employees of the Public Utility Company "Žitorađa".

Engaging in this project is an opportunity for members of the Army's engineering units to test their abilities in practice and further improve their ability to handle machinery used in the Serbian Armed Forces for road construction, overcoming obstacles, blocking and camouflage.

The Serbian Armed Forces have repeatedly engaged forces and resources to eliminate the consequences of floods, and by implementing civil-military cooperation projects through engineer training, which began last year, they also act preventively, thus making their contribution to preventing damage to the lives and material goods of the citizens of the Republic of Serbia.

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