Campaign “Military Doctor in Village” in Preševo and Bačka Palanka Municipalities

Thursday, 29.9.2022 | CIMIC
As part of the CIMIC project known as “Military Doctor in the Village”, this week, SAF medical teams have been performing medical examinations of residents of the villages of Bujić and Cerevajka near Preševo and the village of Neštin in Bačka Palanka Municipality.

The objective of this project, co-organized by the Red Cross, local primary care centres and local administration, is to provide medical assistance to residents of the villages with difficult access to the health care system.

During the campaign, military doctors and medical technicians performed preventative medical check-ups in rural clinics, paying also home visits to persons with reduced mobility or immobility, who are unable to come to the clinic.

As always, SAF members were warmly welcomed by the locals who reiterated their deep gratitude to the Serbian Armed Forces for the assistance they provide whenever it is necessary.

Within their third mission, the Serbian Armed Forces implement a number of CIMIC projects in all areas of the Republic of Serbia, showing that they are always there to serve the citizens, not only when it comes to defending the country, but also when it comes to helping the most vulnerable ones.

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