Day of Military Geographical Institute Marked

Friday, 4.2.2022 | Culture and traditions
A military ceremony was held today at the Military Geographical Institute "General Stevan Bošković" in Belgrade on the occasion of the Day of this scientific research institution and the Day of the Geodetic Service of the Serbian Armed Forces.

At the ceremony at the headquarters of the Institute, the most significant results of the work of this institution in the previous year were presented and the best individuals were given recognitions and awards.

In view of the results achieved in the year behind us, the commitment and professional attitude of employees in performing geotopographic security tasks of the Serbian Armed Forces were emphasized, as well as their contribution to strengthening research and development and production activities in the field of geodesy, cartography and geographic information systems.

The Day of the Military Geographical Institute and the Day of the Geodetic Service are marked in memory of February 5, 1876, when the decision was made to form the General Staff of the Serbian military, which included a department for surveying Serbia for military purposes. On that day, the military geodetic activity became a separate service in the Serbian military for the first time.

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