Military Police Battalion Command and Staff Exercise

Monday, 21.3.2022 | Training
The Command and Staff Exercise "Spring 2022" was executed in the 5th MP Battalion last week featuring rehearsal of preparation and conduct of anti-terrorist operation, stabilization and disengagement.

The aim of the exercise was to enhance the competences of the Battalion Command members in the process of operation planning and application of standard operating procedures in commanding forces on operation.

Along with the Command exercise, the basic units received their professional and expert training during which military policemen, in line with their special qualifications, attended their collective training in practical exercise of the military police authority.

According to the assigned incidents, the rehearsal included tactics, techniques and procedures used in the subversive group location and destruction, patrolling, management of detained persons, use of military working dogs for mines and explosive ordnance detection and control of military road traffic.

Training activities in the military police battalions of the Army are diverse and carried out in all conditions over the whole year, aiming to enhance these units’ competences for performing the military police tasks.

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