Training of Military Police Units for Deployment in Multinational Operations

Saturday, 18.9.2021 | Training
Intensive period of training of military police platoons from the Army for deployment in multinational operations is underway in the barracks "Aerodrom" in Sombor and "Knjaz Mihailo" in Niš.

These are units from the 3rd and 5th Military Police Battalion that the Republic of Serbia has declared to be deployed in multinational operations within the Operational Capabilities Concept and which are now undergoing comprehensive preparations for the implementation of specific military police tasks in the international environment.

In order to achieve the required level of interoperability and operational capabilities, military police officers implement the contents of collective training, such as conducting investigations, collecting and processing evidence, controlling mass gatherings, working at checkpoints, conducting patrols, blockades and field searches.

The operational capabilities concept is one of the forms of cooperation between the member countries of the Partnership for Peace Program, through the implementation of which the Serbian Armed Forces achieves interoperability standards and develops the operational capabilities of declared units for deployment in multinational operations. 

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