Multinational Exercise “Vigilant Wolf 19” completed

05/23/2019 | Training Day of the high ranking guests marks the completion of the multinational exercise “Vigilant Wolf 19” (“Obazrivi vuk 19”), which has over the past two weeks gathered over 200 members of the Serbian Armed Forces and 18 Police Brigade of the US Army Forceof the United States European Command at the “South” and “Borovac” training grounds.
Military once again...

Military once again showed high readiness

02/27/2019 | Training Members of the 3rd Military Police Battalion have carried out today in the afternoon and evening hours, as part of their regular planned activities, 20 kilometre long loaded march, in the area of the town of Niš, in which Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin participated as well.
The Second Part of...

The Second Part of the Tactical Exercise “Rock 02”

10/23/2017 | Training In the South Base and “Borovac” training ground, the second part of the tactical exercise “Rock 02” started, which is being conducted by the declared units of the Serbian Armed Forces for the participation in multinational operations.
Special plaque

Special plaque "The noblest achievement of the year" to our member

02/10/2014 | News First Class NCO Ranko Pasic was awarded by a special panel of judges this year's campaign, "The noblest achievement of the year " in which the company "Vecernje Novosti " has for the 51st time awarded it to the noblest and the most humane of the year for us. This award to NCO Pasic of the Third Battalion of the military police was presented because of the burning house from which he saved an old lady Ljubica Lazarevic.