Military once again showed high readiness

Wednesday, 27.2.2019 | Training

Members of the 3rd Military Police Battalion have carried out today in the afternoon and evening hours, as part of their regular planned activities, 20 kilometre long loaded march, in the area of the town of Niš, in which Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin participated as well.

The march was an opportunity to test the training level of the members of the Military Police in challenging weather conditions, while observing all conditioning standards of the Serbian Armed Forces. The march was conducted in the prescribed time, which is five kilometres per hour during the entire track. Upon leaving the Knjaz Mihailo barracks in Niš, members of the 3rd Military Police Battalion marched along a complex pathway – through urban and uninhabited surroundings.
Addressing members of the Military Police after the march, Minister Vulin expressed his satisfaction that they once again showed how much they are ready and how much Serbia can count on them.
- As long as the Serbian Armed Forces are ready, equipped and motivated, peace is here. A strong army is the best guarantor of peace. Recognizing this, the state is doing its best to improve the material position of the members of the Serbian Armed Forces and make it more modern and equipped in terms of arms and military equipment – Minister Vulin said, evaluating today's march as very good and thanking the members of the 3rd Military Police Battalion for their work, patience and persistence.
According to the commander of the 3rd Military Police Battalion, Major Stevan Vučić, today's loaded march is a planned activity that is conducted periodically.

- The aim of this activity is raising physical fitness of the members of the battalion and preparation for the implementation of the assigned tasks. The march was realised on an unknown terrain with a tactical assumption, partly on the asphalt, and partly on the gravel road. Today, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin marched all 20 kilometers along with us, which was a special honour and pleasure, because he had the opportunity to see how military policemen perform their tasks on the ground in real conditions – Major Vučić said, adding that he was satisfied with the way the march was carried out, engagement of all members and the achieved results.
He emphasised that the realisation of such activities will be continued in the future, so that the battalion will be prepared and capable of performing all the specific tasks assigned to it.
Upon arrival to the final point of the march, members of the Military Police returned to their home barracks with armoured fighting vehicles.

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