Multinational Exercise “Vigilant Wolf 19” completed

Thursday, 23.5.2019 | Training

Day of the high ranking guests marks the completion of the multinational exercise “Vigilant Wolf 19” (“Obazrivi vuk 19”), which has over the past two weeks gathered over 200 members of the Serbian Armed Forces and 18 Police Brigade of the US Army Forceof the United States European Command at the “South” and “Borovac” training grounds.

Today, at a tactical exercise focusing on “Multinational Reinforced Military Police Company in Peacekeeping Operations”, the actions and procedures of members of the Military Police of partner countries while executing the tasks while establishing across a territory, fighting in the urban conditions, use of force for intervention, blockades and conducting terrain search and medical evacuation were demonstrated;the finale included a tactical-technical assembly of weapons and equipment used in training that was organized for the officials.

The aim of the exercise was to improve the interoperability and mutual understanding of the members of the armed forces of partner countries at the tactical level, while engaging in the peace support operations in a multinational environment.

Officer in charge of the exercise, Colonel Miroljub Petronijević, pointed out that the efforts, expertise and dedication of the personnel involved is what distinguishes each individual and unit they belong to.

A delegation from the US Embassy attending the Day of the high ranking guests was headed by Lieutenant Colonel John Haynes, and on part of the Serbian Armed Forces Colonel Nikola Mijatović from the Military Police Department of the General Staff, Colonel Goran Stamenković from the Command of the Land Forces and Commanders of 3 Battalion of the Military Police and units from the “South” base were present.

The exercise “Vigilant Wolf 19” is for the first time hosted by Serbia. Support in the implementation of the exercises was provided by units of the Land Forces and Air Force and Air Defense.

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