Training of FACs in 126th ASEWG Brigade

Monday, 28.8.2023 | Training
In the 126th ASEWG Brigade’s units, regular training of FACs in guiding fighter aviation and providing navigational assistance to aircraft in emergencies is underway.

Training is being provided to officers performing the duties of FACs in ASEWG companies in order to maintain the required level of competence in performing intended tasks in aviation communication and control of the airspace of the Republic of Serbia. The focus is on training and re-training young officers, so that they could also reach the highest training standards needed for the specific process of controlling and guiding aircraft.

The activity is carried out in coordination with the flight training of fighter aviation crews, which results in optimal skills of all elements in the permanently deployed forces in real time and under conditions as close as possible to the real situation. During training, FACs also cooperate with the Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency (SMATSA), practicing together the procedures for providing navigational assistance to aircraft above the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Such training, carried out in cycles in the 126th ASEWG Brigade throughout the year, improves the cooperation and interoperability of all participants in aviation communication, and thus the overall capabilities of Air Force and Air Defense units to control and protect the airspace of the Republic of Serbia.

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