Ceremonial Beginning of Training of Soldiers Performing Military Service

Wednesday, 7.9.2022 | Training
The training of soldiers performing their voluntary military service, who were introduced into the Serbian Armed Forces at the beginning of this month, officially began today at the Basic Training Centres in Sombor, Valjevo and Leskovac.

Previously, soldiers had gone through an adaptation period, learned of the organization of the life and work in the Serbian Armed Forces, were issued personal weapons and prepared for the period of intense training. 

Over the next five weeks, they will receive training in handling personal weapons and conducting basic tactical actions and procedures in battle, they will master drill and Service Regulations, and they will greatly improve their physical fitness, as well.  

After basic training, soldiers will be trained for specialties within branches and services they have been recruited for, and then they will attend three-month collective training and actively participate in the execution of daily assignments in the Serbian Armed Forces units.

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