Annual analysis of the capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces

Thursday, 30.1.2020 | News

The Serbian Armed Forces Significantly Improved Its Capabilities in 2019

The regular annual analysis of the condition, operational and functional capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces for 2019 was concluded with a briefing at the Houses of the Guards in Belgrade today, chaired by the Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Milan Mojsilović.

The presentation was attended by Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin, Chairman of the Committee on Security Services Control and member of the Committee on Defense and Internal Affairs, Igor Bečić, as well as the most responsible senior officers of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces.

The security situation in the country and the environment, the results achieved in the building of operational and functional capabilities, and other issues of importance for the improvement of the capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces were examined.

It was concluded that in 2019, the Serbian Armed Forces significantly improved operational and functional capabilities, organization, technical equipment, training of active and reserve personnel, morale and material position of its members. The military has accomplished all its tasks and has shown that it is ready and able to protect the state and the citizens.

 Special thanks are due to the President of the Republic and the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces, Aleksandar Vučić, for his personal contribution to the overall strengthening of the Serbian Armed Forces, especially through the intensive equipping with a large number of new weapons and military equipment and a significant improvement in the financial position of all the members.

As the leader of the country’s defense, the Serbian Armed Forces have defined guidelines for the further development and upgrading of capabilities in accordance with the national and defense interests established by the National Security Strategy and the Republic of Serbia’s Defense Strategy.

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