Member of Serbian Armed Forces Receives Recognition for Noblest Feat of the Year

Wednesday, 3.4.2024 | News
Staff Sergeant 1st Class Tamara Morović, member of the Special-Purpose MP Detachment “Cobras”, is the winner of this year’s Golden Plaque for the noblest individual feat awarded by the newspaper “Večernje Novosti”.

The award has been presented to her during today’s ceremony at the Belgrade City Hall in which Gold and Silver Plaques were handed out to individuals and organizations in a traditional campaign “The Noblest Feat of the Year”. Defence Minister Miloš Vučević attended the ceremony.

Tamara showed incredible courage and selflessness when, without hesitation, she donated part of her liver to save the life of her colleague Dušan Kuškovski, who was suffering from an autoimmune disease. Members of the jury, chaired by academician Matija Bećković, assessed that what Tamara did was not only a noble feat, but also a heroic act, because, as a single mother, she risked her life and future to extend the life of someone she is not related to.

The “Večernje Novosti” Gold Plaques were awarded to the noblest individual, collective and children’s feats, while one of them was awarded posthumously. This year, exceptionally, the Golden Plaque has also been awarded for a collective children’s feat.

Special Silver Plaques were awarded to individuals and organizations from Serbia, Montenegro, Republika Srpska and North Macedonia who were the highlights of the year 2023 in terms of humanity and selflessness.

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