Disassembled Pontoon Bridge on Lido

Wednesday, 2.9.2020 | CIMIC
River Flotilla pontooners today have disassembled the pontoon bridge that connected the Zemun quay with the Great War Island and thus marked the end of this year's summer season on the Danube beach Lido.

The 360-meter-long bridge with a total carrying capacity of 20 tons, composed of 36 pontoon elements, has been maintained by members of the First Pontoon Battalion of the River Flotilla since June 27. During this entire period, members of the Serbian Armed Forces took care of the safety and security of the bridge, its maintenance and cleaning, and during changes in the water level, they shortened or lengthened the bridge.

The elements of the pontoon bridge have been disassembled by a complex and demanding operation on two navigable sections, by which, using waterway, the pontooners will  transport the camp and other equipment to the main barracks in Šabac.

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