63rd Parachute Brigade Combat Teams Conduct Tactical Drills

Thursday, 30.6.2022 | Training
This week, members of the 63rd Parachute Brigade have executed tactical drills in interoperability with Air Force and Air Defence units at the locations outside its base. 

Exercise activities aimed to check the readiness and abilities of some of the SAF forces for carrying out offensive actions against enemy combat dispositions and provision of aerial support to the units. 

Specioal operations tactical training included special parachute and helicopter landing, as well as airdropping cargo of vital importance for undertaking combat actions deep within enemy strategic and operational disposition.

The results show that the exercise units are fully trained for performing their tasks on special force operations. Such training has additionally improved the competence, interoperability and cooperation between members of the 63rd Parachute Brigade and Air Force and Air Defence.

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