Live Firing against Targets on Water

Friday, 22.9.2023 | Training
Members of the River Flotilla have carried out live firing against targets on the water from ship weapons at the SAF temporary training ground near Titel on the Tisza today.

It was fired from river multi-purpose and patrol ships using 20mm cannons against targets that simulated enemy vessels.

All the targets designated for destruction were hit, which shows a high level of competence of ship crews in providing support to Army forces on operations in the vicinity of inland waterways and using effectively resources of the River Flotilla armament.

In addition to the crews of river multi-purpose and patrol ships of the SAF River Flotilla, the firing was also carried out by members of river units of the Hungarian Defense Forces, for whom this type of firearms training is very important since they do not have a training ground in their country that provides conditions for executing such activities.

Live firing against targets on the water, carried out by members of the Hungarian Defense Forces at the temporary training ground on the Tisza, is just one of the many activities of bilateral military cooperation between Serbia and Hungary, which contribute to the development of both military-to-military and overall good neighborly relations between the two countries.

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