Projects of Civil-Military Cooperation in Territory of Bujanovac and Ivanjica

Friday, 10.11.2023 | CIMIC
The Serbian Armed Forces engineering units have been engaged these days in Bujanovac and Ivanjica in the implementation of civil-military cooperation projects which aim to improve the living conditions of citizens and strengthen mutual trust and understanding.

These activities are carried out as part of regular training of the Serbian Armed Forces units in cooperation with local government bodies.

In order to make possible for reliable transmission of electricity in Ivanjica, the 2nd Army Brigade’s engineering task force was engaged in removing trees and vegetation along the 20km long power grid.

This is a continuation of the engagement of the Serbian Armed Forces in these tasks in the Ivanjica region which has been experiencing power cuts over the last few years due to damage to the infrastructure caused by falling trees.

At the same time, in the villages of Levosoje and Oslare, Municipality of Bujanovac, the 4th Army Brigade engineers are removing deposited material from the River Slatina in order to increase the permeability of the river bed.

This will be a solution to a perennial problem of the inhabitants of these villages, which have been flooded on multiple occasions because the river could not take all the water in times of heavy rainfall. 

In addition to helping citizens, such CIMIC projects, implemented by the Serbian Armed Forces in other parts of the country as well, improve the ability of engineering units to perform general tasks in support of defense forces on operations.

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