Regular Training of Air Defence Missile Systems Combat Crews

Friday, 11.3.2022 | Training
The regular training activities are being performed by the combat crews of the “Neva” and “Kub” missile systems in the locations where the units of the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade are deployed.

The missile batteries’ members perform such fitness training to maintain and improve competence for using these Air Defence systems in combat operations.

The training includes rehearsals of tactical and fire actions in preparation and execution of shootings at air targets using control and training equipment, trainers and target simulators, examining the materiel’s combat readiness and grading the crews according to combat operations’ standards. The results show that the missile combat crews have achieved ultimate competence for completing the assigned tasks in all conditions.

As the training continues, members of the Air Defence battalions armed with the “Neva” and “Kub” missile systems are to execute control and training shootings at real air targets, which is another opportunity to examine practically the outcome of intensive training conducted over the whole year.

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