Jošanica River Bed Works as Part of SAF Engineering Training

Monday, 8.8.2022 | CIMIC
The SAF engineering working group, composed of the 3rd Army Brigade members is bringing to an end the works on the improvement of the Jošanica river bed in the municipality Blace.

The works started at the beginning of the month and are being carried out as part of the project within civil-military cooperation of the Serbian Armed Forces and local self-government in order to increase the permeability of the river bed and protect the coastal zone from river overflowing  in the event of flash floods.

With the use of modern engineering machines, SAF members are removing outgrown vegetation, soil deposits and other deposited material from the river bed, together with employees of the Public Utility Company "Blace".

Last month the engineers of the 3rd Army Brigade, were engaged in a similar task in Kuršumlija, when in cooperation with the local public utility company they cleaned the most critical sections of the Toplica and Kosanica river beds.

By implementing these projects of civil-military cooperation, besides preventing floods, capacity of SAF engineering units is being improved, helping better performance of their tasks from all three missions, in peace and war.

The Serbian Armed Forces has repeatedly engaged forces and assets for mitigating the aftermath of floods in this part of the country, and providing the assistance to local self-governments through the implementation of engineering training will continue in future, in accordance with the capabilities and obligations of the units, all with the aim of strengthening mutual trust and improving living conditions of the citizens of Serbia.

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