Arrangement of Jošanica River Bed

Wednesday, 23.8.2023 | CIMIC
This week, in cooperation with the local government in Blace, members of the Serbian Armed Forces have been implementing a CIMIC project on the improvement of the Jošanica riverbed in the village of Gornje Svarče.

Together with employees of the Public Utility Company from Blace, the 3rd Army Brigade’s engineering task force has been engaged in this activity carried out as part of SAF members’ engineering training. The goal is to act preventively and improve the protection of the Jošanica bank from being flooded in the event of torrential flows.

As part of the planned works, swollen vegetation, deposits of soil and other deposited material from the riverbed were being removed using modern engineering machines SAF units are equipped with.

The 3rd Army Brigade engineers had been previously involved in similar tasks in Kuršumlija in June and July, when, in cooperation with the local public utility company, they cleared the most critical sections of the riverbeds of the Toplica and Kosanica, and in Žitorađa, where they were working on the arrangement of water facilities for the protection against floods and torrents.

Apart from working preventively on flood protection, such projects are also intended to improve the competence of engineering units, which have an important role in the execution of tasks in all three missions of the Serbian Armed Forces.

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