Marksman Training in Military Police Units

Tuesday, 21.6.2022 | Training
Professional soldiers and officers performing marksman duties in Military Police units, Army, have executed tactical practices and live firing at "Orešac" Training Ground near Vršac. 

During the activities which lasted for several days SAF marksmen received tactical and fire training, the focus being on the riflemen practicing how to execute specific MP tasks.

This training aimed to check if military policemen are competent to solve fire problems intended for marksmen, independently or in pair, in different tactical/weather/ground conditions, using modern optronics, improvised and standard camouflage devices.

The demonstrated accuracy of fire and efficiency in different situations instill confidence in the Army MP Units’ combat capabilities for executing a wide range of assignments and activities on operations.

The importance of this training, delivered in cycles throughout the year, reflects in maintaining and increasing the professional members’ high-level abilities and the SAF MP units’ combat readiness.

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