Visit to Serbian Armed Forces’ Units

Monday, 4.9.2023 | CHOD's Activities
Today and yesterday, together with his associates, Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff General Milan Mojsilović carried out reconnaissance of an area in the Ground Safety Zone and visited part of the SAF forces that are performing regular tasks in this part of our country.

While in the field, he examined the state of affairs in the areas where the Serbian Armed Forces are engaged and talked to the most responsible officers from SAF units about the situation in their area of responsibility.

With the conclusion that all key conditions have been created for the continuous execution of the tasks of securing the administrative line with Kosovo and Metohija and controlling the Ground Safety Zone, the Chief of the General Staff gave directions for further improving the capabilities of deployed forces.

General Mojsilović recognized the engaged members of the Serbian Armed Forces for the professionalism, perseverance and dedication with which they carry out the assigned tasks on a daily basis, thus contributing to the Serbian Armed Forces being fully in the service of preserving peace and security of the citizens of the Republic of Serbia.

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