Training in CBRN Units of Serbian Armed Forces

Thursday, 8.12.2022 | Training
Members of the 246th CBRN Battalion are undergoing their routine CBRN decontamination training at “Car Lazar” Barracks and Military Complex “Ravnjak” in Kruševac.

This is an important segment of serving personnel’s collective training in order for the unit members to be fully skilled in providing nuclear and chemical security of SAF units.

During the training, the unit members are at the training ground practicing the procedures employed in decontamination of the ground, motor and fighting vehicles, weapons, planes and other facilities. The training process involves the use of the modern domestically produced multi-purpose mobile decontamination platform (MPD-09), which integrates five other assets – decontamination tanker, water tanker, fire-fighting vehicle, water pump and decontamination device.

Successful execution of this training increases the 246th CBRN Battalion’s proficiency in providing CBRN support to SAF forces on operations, and readiness to provide efficient support to civilian authorities in alleviating the adverse effects of technical end technological accidents. 

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