Day of Artillery, Mixed Artillery Brigade and Military Police Day Marked

Friday, 13.9.2019 | Culture and traditions

At the “Mija Stanimirović” Barracks in Niš the Day of Artillery, the Day of the Mixed Artillery Brigade and the Day of the Military Police were marked today.

The ceremony was attended by Commander of the Land Forces, Lieutenant-General Milosav Simović, Commanders of the Brigades of the Land Forces, Commanders of units and institutions from the Niš garrison, representatives of the local self-government, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Serbian Orthodox Church, associations for nurturing and upholding of libertarian traditions, former commanders of Brigades, members of the families of the members of the Armed Forces who were killed and numerous guests.

 Colonel Novica Petrović, Commander of the Mixed Artillery Brigade, recalled the illustrious tradition of Artillery and 14 September 1918, when the Artillery preparation of the breakthrough of the Macedonian Front began. The day is commemorated as the Day of the Unit and the Artillery Branch.

– Compared to the previous year, we are one battery of 155 mm self-propelled howitzers “NORA-B52 M15” stronger.Over the year, we conducted training on new assets and carried out artillery live firing – said Colonel Petrović.

In the framework of thecelebration of these holidays, an “Open Day” event was organized at the “Mija Stanimirović” barracks, during which citizens of Niš and the surrounding areas could socialize with the military and see some of the weapons and equipment at the disposal of the Mixed Artillery Brigade and units of the Military Police.

A special cultural and artistic program was performed as part of the ceremony, in which the military folklore ensemble “Šajkaca”, whose members are members of the Land Forces performed. A tour of the Mixed Artillery Brigade Memorial Room was also organized.

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