Training with Air Defense Missile Systems

Wednesday, 16.8.2023 | Training
In the 250th Air Defense Missile Brigade’s battalions armed with “Neva” and “Kub” missile systems, professional personnel are undergoing collective training for the execution of combat tasks in accordance with the purpose of these units.

This is a new training cycle that comes after completing successfully live firing against air targets at the Firing Range “Shabla” in the Republic of Bulgaria this June. The goal is to maintain a high level of professional members’ competence for engagement with permanently deployed forces for the control and protection of the airspace of the Republic of Serbia and conduct of defensive counter-air operations.

This training phase implies practicing standardized tactical actions while taking up the firing position and transferring missile systems into the combat-ready mode in line with the defined standards, and checking the materiel’s combat readiness. The focus is on practical training of the officers and professional soldiers recently appointed to the 250th Air Defense Missile Brigade’s battalions.

Through the 250th Missile Brigade’s continuous training, the required competence of each member of the combat crew is ensured, as well as effective teamwork and speed of reaction, which plays a critical part in the execution of complex tasks such as providing air defense of the territory and SAF forces.

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