Training for Driving Combat Vehicles in Peacekeeping Operations

Wednesday, 6.7.2022 | Training
A three-week training for members of the Serbian Armed Forces to operate armoured combat vehicles in peacekeeping operations is underway in the Army Training Centrе in Požarevac. 

The training is carried out by professional soldiers, all with experience in driving motor vehicles, who are preparing for deployment as part of an infantry company of the Serbian Armed Forces in the United Nations peacekeeping operation in Lebanon.

The aim of this additional training is to train the soldiers to safely operate the combat vehicles that they will use during the implementation of tasks in the area of operation in Lebanon, as well as for their maintenance and removal of possible malfunctions.

Soldiers first acquire theoretical knowledge about the characteristics of vehicles, special systems and devices and their specifics, and then at the training ground they are trained in precise driving on different terrains, overcoming obstacles, driving on slopes and driving at night and in difficult weather conditions.

After completing the training for driving combat vehicles, the soldiers will have to take an exam and evaluate their training, and they will continue to improve the knowledge and skills acquired at the Army Training Centrе during the collective training of the infantry company for deployment in the United Nations peacekeeping operation in Lebanon.

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