Visit to Central Logistics Base Store Capacities

Wednesday, 11.5.2022 | CHOD's Activities
Today, Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović, paid a visit to one of the Central Logistics Base units intended for storing ordnance.

On that occasion, General Mojsilović could personally see that members of this unit possessed excellent abilities to complete the intended tasks, and he examined the capacities for storing the ordnance preserved in this unit for the requirements of the Serbian Armed Forces.

Commander of the Central Logistics Base, Brigadier General Saša Petrović, reported to Chief of the General Staff on how the planned tasks and key activities were being performed in the unit and what measures were being taken to improve further storing of arms, military equipment and ordnance.

Concluding the visit, Chief of the General Staff stressed how much the Base was important for the defence system’s proper functioning and successful completion of SAF missions, praising the unit’s members for executing their tasks devotedly and for making progress that could be seen in all segments of the life and work of the unit.

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