Youngest SAF Paratroopers Perform First Jumps

Monday, 13.2.2023 | Training
Soldiers of the September 2022 intake doing second term of their military service in the 63rd Parachute Brigade have executed successfully their first parachute jumps at Niš-based Military Airfield "Sergeant-Pilot Mihajlo Petrović".

This final part of Basic Paratrooper Training requires soldiers to perform jumps to get to know the parachute and its maneuver capabilities; also, they have to do jumps with opening a reserve parachute, carrying personal weapons and equipment, as well as free falls and night jumps.

To reach this final stage of Paratrooper Training, soldiers had to complete Basic Individual Training at the Training Command Centres and then Tactical, Firearms and Ground Paratrooper Training at the 63rd Parachute Brigade. During that period, they learnt basic military skills, how to handle personal weapons and parachuting techniques.

Ground Paratrooper Training focused on learning about the assault parachute, how it is packed and stored and on working with its devices. Finally, soldiers were able to showcase their skills while performing jumps over the last few days.

Having completed successfully Paratrooper Training, soldiers earned the title of "a paratrooper", and are now eligible to become professional members of this elite and traditionally very popular SAF unit.

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